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📜 Condiciones de servicio

As of 30.01.2023

We offer translation for informational purposes only. In the event of any discrepancy between the Polish version and this translation, the Polish version shall prevail.

§1 Basic definitions

1.1 User - a person using the Service.

1.2 Administrator - the legal person who owns the Service; Jacek Maciejak residing in Poland.

1.3 Promotion - a paid service consisting in highlighting a selected Server in the Service for a specified period of time.

1.4 Service - website located in the domain.

1.5 Server - an external application added by the User, which is monitored by the Service based on the data entered by the User.

1.6 Payment service provider - an intermediary in the purchase of the Promote service. Depending on the choice of the User, it is:

  • PayPal - PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A. 22-24 Boulavard Royal L-2449 Luksemburg

  • Stripe, Inc. - Stripe Payments Europe Limited, 1 Grand Canal Street Lower, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin, D02 H210, Ireland

2 General information

2.1 Using the basic functionality of the service is free.

2.2 The service can be used by a person who is at least 13 years old, or has a consent of a legal guardian.

2.3 User is obliged to:

  • Comply with local law and the Service ToS.
  • Inform about any bugs or vulnerabilities in the Service.

2.4 The Service forbids placing vulgar, offensive and adult content in the Server name, description, banners, and comments.

2.5 Administrator is not responsible for the content posted by Users, but informs that the content is moderated.

2.6 It is forbidden to deliberately duplicate a Server on the list in order to increase its visibility by using several domain addresses or IPs for one User's Server.

2.7 Each User has the right to add one vote per day for any number of Servers.

2.8 It is forbidden to add content and servers that are not related to the main topic of the Service such as advertisements or links to other sites with similar topics (server lists, hostings).

2.9 It is forbidden to manipulate the number of online players using fake-slots or bots. Such servers will be automatically blocked and removed from the list after some time.

3 Administrator's rights and obligations

3.1 The administrator has the right to:

  • Delete the Server without giving a reason.
  • Delete all User accounts from the Service, if they have more than one.
  • Remove all votes from the Server if he believes that they have been made fraudulently.
  • Removal of comments that violate section 2.4 of the Terms of Service.
  • Discontinuation of access to the Service for any reason.
  • Performing a technical break on the Service.

3.2 The administrator is obliged to:

  • Removing errors that make it impossible to use the Service within 14 working days from the date of report.
  • Moderation of content added by Users for compliance with the Terms of Service.
  • Protect the privacy of the Service Users.
  • Refund the unavailability time of the Service to the current Promoted Services, if it has exceeded 4 hours.

§4 Technical Requirements

4.1 An internet browser with access to the internet is required to use the Service.

4.2 The Service requires javascript to be enabled in the browser to function properly.

4.3 The Service recommends using the lastest versions of Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera or Edge browser.

4.4 Using applications that block advertisements, including specific content of the website, can make it impossible to use the Service.

§5 Paid Services

5.1 The Service provides paid access to Promoting a selected Server on the list of servers in the Service. The Seller of the Server Promotion service is the Administrator of the Service.

5.2 Promotion consists in highlighting a selected Server at the beginning of the list and disabling AdSense advertising banners on the subpage of the promoted Server.

5.3 The Promotion Service is purchased by the User for a period of time specified at purchase.

5.4 Promoted Servers are sorted by the remaining time of the purchased Promotion.

5.5 The Server receives a Promotion after the payment has been booked by the selected Payment service provider. This may take up to 24 hours when paying with PayPal.

5.6 The Promotion item is permanently assigned to a specific Server, and it cannot be exchanged or transferred.

5.7 By purchasing the Server Promotion on the Service, the User agrees to immediately start the service and accepts that he/she loses the right to withdraw from the contract at the moment of starting the service.

5.8 In case of using the Service by the User in a manner inconsistent with the Terms Of Service or Privacy Policy, and in particular in violation of the law in force, the Administrator of the Service has the right to terminate the purchased Promotion service immediately without any possibility of refunding the payment made to the Service.

5.9 If you do not receive the purchased Promotion Service on the Service, you have the right to send a complaint to the Service Administrator via e-mail address [email protected].

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