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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is TeamSpeak?
TeamSpeak operates on the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) protocol and is commonly used by gamers who want to communicate with each other while playing in teams or clans. It allows for the creation of private voice channels, which provides greater privacy and security for conversations. With TeamSpeak, different levels of permissions can be set for users, giving administrators greater control over who can access specific channels and what functions they are able to perform. This allows for greater control over communication within a group.
2. Is TeamSpeak better than Discord?
TeamSpeak is more geared towards users who need stable and reliable voice communication. The software is also popular among gamers who require performance and minimal latency during gameplay. Discord, on the other hand, has more advanced social features, such as the ability to create groups, add friends, share photos and files, etc. It also offers integration with other applications, such as Twitch or Spotify, which allows for easy sharing of content and coordination of team activities.

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