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No. 860
Online players
# Nickname
1 Unknown1
2 Unknown
3 Kir'Taka / PFC Jean
4 Stealth \p Cyza Azavayl
5 Chech
6 Wowza
7 SoS Ship guy Ysan \p\p Sashell
8 Halozeus
9 Drazarus
Top 10 players
# Nickname Online time
1 Void 374d, 2:13:12
2 Etrius 372d, 2:42:40
3 Gauss/J. Gypsy/Cipher 371d, 6:57:38
4 Storm Huntorus/Yimik 370d, 19:42:41
5 UNSCMC MECH ENGc CPL M Banks 367d, 15:12:28
6 Carbon7 367d, 12:12:21
7 ODST RCT J. Stanley [HaloRP] 367d, 12:12:21
8 Gunner/Dovah/Tundra 362d, 23:1:5
9 Ibris (slep) 359d, 9:1:36
10 Gunner/Dovah/Atomic 359d, 5:1:32

channel icon[39]в•ђ

channel icon・Addon Info ・

channel icon・All Gm Sv ・

channel icon ・ Tmk Rul ・

channel icon・Wbit Info ・

channel icon ・Rvivl Stff of th Month ・

channel icon[11]в•ђ

channel icon=-=[ RS Ldhi ]=-=

channel iconMndloin Dn

channel iconWillim' Offi

channel iconTh Clubhou

channel icon[085]в•ђв•ђ

channel icon=-=[ U Mngmnt ]=-=

channel iconBod of Dito

channel icon[Dito] VACANT

channel icon[Dito] Sv Dito: N/A

channel icon[Gmmk Dito] TBD

channel icon[Affi Dito] Ok

channel icon[Ntwoking Dito] Cody

channel icon[3221]в•ђ

channel icon =-=[ Low Mngmnt ]=-=

channel icon[Hlo E.L.] Rooz

channel icon[HloRP-Hd Admin' Offi]

channel icon[Affi Suvio] Soonful

channel iconWiting Room

channel icon[Foum Mng] GhzghkullThk

channel iconWiting Room

channel icon[Tmk Mng] Myth

channel icon[TmSk Aitnt] Dyton

channel icon[Diod Mng] Ai

channel icon[Diod Oth Mng] Titn

channel icon[Aitnt Mng] N/A

channel icon[Hd Dvlo] TBA

channel icon[Hd Dvlo] Witing Room

channel iconBig Hug Hlo R: Soonful

channel icon[057]в•ђ

channel icon=-=[ Dvlo ]=-=

channel icon[Hd Dv Undtudy]

channel icon[Snio Dvlo] ChoNwhl

channel iconDvlomnt Witing Room

channel icon[Snio Dvlo] CLANKERt

channel iconDvlomnt Witing Room

channel icon[Snio Dvlo] N/A

channel iconDvlomnt Witing Room

channel iconDvlo Loung &m; Wokl

channel iconJunio Dvlo Loung &m; Wokl

channel icon[121]в•ђ

channel icon[Chin Of Commnd]

channel iconLobby (No AFK)

player Unknown1

player Unknown

channel iconTh Cn / AFK Loung

channel icon[4209]в•ђ

channel icon=-=[ Loung ]=-=

channel iconPubli Loung 1

channel iconPubli Loung 2

channel iconPubli Loung 3

channel iconGming Loung 1

channel iconGming Loung 2

channel iconGming Loung 3

channel iconPivt Loung [2 Mx] 1

channel iconPivt Loung [2 Mx] 2

channel iconPivt Loung [3 Mx] 1

channel iconPivt Loung [3 Mx] 2

channel iconPivt Loung [4 Mx]

channel iconPivt Loung [5 Mx]

channel iconPivt Loung [6 Mx]

channel icon[01]в•ђ

channel icon=-=[ Mting Room ]=-=

channel iconMngmnt Mting 2 PST

channel iconCommunity Mting 9PM EST

channel iconSv Mting Room {SST}

channel iconStff Mting Room

channel iconGmmk Mting Room [9 EST]

channel iconSuggtion Committ Mting Room

channel iconHlo RP

channel iconRP Mting Room

channel icon[768]в•ђ

channel icon =-=[ GM Chnnl ]=-=

channel icon[6756]в•ђ

channel icon =-=[ Pivt Dono Room ]=-=

channel iconPivt Dono Room Noti [Rd gin]

channel iconOh God i ho i dont h th v

channel iconKovhl Sling Rok {Motgg Pid}

channel iconCoff Addit Cov

channel icon[199]в•ђ

channel icon=-=[ Hlo RP ]=-=

channel iconHlo RP

channel iconUnitd Ntion S Commnd

channel iconSwod of Snghlio

channel icon[75]в•ђ

channel iconNw Colonil Allin

channel icon[OOC] Gnl Thon' Mnv

channel icon[OOC] Mjo Whitlok' Box

channel icon[IC] Nw Colonil Allin Comm

channel iconNCA Rgimnt

channel icon


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