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No. 198
Online players
# Nickname
1 Unknown
2 e241
3 Void
4 Auron
5 J�tunn
6 �218 Vyzo
7 Bun
8 Meliodas \p ChaosNarwhal
9 Jayy \p Josiah B315
10 Myth
11 ?-9 BB 9764
12 Jupiter
Top 10 players
# Nickname Online time
1 ODST RCT J. Stanley [HaloRP] 03 days 12:12:21
2 Void 03 days 12:12:21
3 Gunner/Dovah/Tundra 29 days 23:01:05
4 Ibris (slep) 26 days 09:01:36
5 Gunner/Dovah/Atomic 26 days 05:01:32
6 Traffic 16 days 16:45:57
7 Motoess 08 days 23:38:55
8 ONI Agent 789 31 days 10:39:33
9 ODST RCT B. Blimbus 30 days 17:30:53
10 Chech/Ryko 28 days 14:08:48


・Addons Info ・

・All Game Servers ・

・ Teamspeak Rules ・

・Website Info ・

=-=[ RS Leadership ]=-=

channel iconThe Clubhouse

channel iconMandalorian Den

channel iconBattlebot Bay

channel iconPreston's Office

=-=[ Upper Management ]=-=

channel iconBoard of Directors

channel icon[Director] VACANT

channel icon[Director] Server Director: N/A

channel icon[Gamemaker Director] TBD

channel icon[Affairs Director] Wildcard (Open)

channel icon[Communications Director] TBD


=-=[ Lower Management ]=-=

channel icon[Halo E.L.] Rooz

channel iconWaiting Room

channel icon[HaloRP-Head Admin's Office]

channel icon[Affairs Supervisor] Oak

channel iconWaiting Room

channel icon[Forums Manager] GhazghkullThraka

channel iconWaiting Room

channel icon[Teamspeak Manager] Myth

channel icon[TeamSpeak Assistant] Drayton

channel icon[Discord Manager] Void

channel icon[Discord Other Manager] Titan

channel icon[Assistant Manager] Cody

channel icon[Graphics Lead] TBD

channel icon[Graphics] Lounge

channel icon[Head Developer] ChickenFriRice

channel icon[Head Developer] Waiting Room

=-=[ Developers ]=-=

channel icon[Head Dev Understudy]

channel icon[Senior Developer] ChaosNarwhal

channel iconDevelopment Waiting Room

channel icon[Senior Developer] N/A2

channel iconDevelopment Waiting Room

channel icon[Senior Developer] N/A

channel iconDevelopment Waiting Room

channel iconDeveloper Lounge & Workplace

channel iconJunior Developer Lounge & Workplace

[Chain Of Command]

channel iconLobby (No AFK)

channel iconTrash Can / AFK Lounge

=-=[ Lounges ]=-=

channel iconPublic Lounge 1

channel iconPublic Lounge 2

channel iconPublic Lounge 3

channel iconGaming Lounge 1

channel iconGaming Lounge 2

channel iconGaming Lounge 3

channel iconPrivate Lounge [2 Max] 1

channel iconPrivate Lounge [2 Max] 2

channel iconPrivate Lounge [3 Max] 1

channel iconPrivate Lounge [3 Max] 2

channel iconPrivate Lounge [4 Max]

channel iconPrivate Lounge [5 Max]

channel iconPrivate Lounge [6 Max]

=-=[ Meeting Rooms ]=-=

channel iconManagement Meeting 8:00 EST (Soon)

channel iconCommunity Meeting 9PM EST

channel iconServer Meeting Room {SST}

channel iconGamemaker Meeting Room [9 EST]

channel iconMedia Room 1

channel iconSuggestion Committee Meeting Room

channel iconRP Meeting Room

=-=[ GM Channels ]=-=


channel iconHalo RP

channel icon[Halo RP Head GM] Good Vibes Only

channel iconGM Lounge 1

channel iconMain Event Room

channel iconEvent Server Room

channel iconPlanning Events


=-=[ Private Donor Rooms ]=-=

channel iconOh God i hope i dont crash the server

channel iconPrivate Donor Room Notice [Read again]

channel iconKorvhals Sleeping Rock {Mortgage Paid}

=-=[ Halo RP ]=-=

channel iconHalo RP

channel iconStaff Meeting Room

channel icon[OOC] High Council Chamber

channel icon[OOC] CO MEETING ROOM

channel icon[IC] Briefing Room [DND]

channel iconUnited Nations Space Command

channel iconUNSC High Command

channel icon[IC] Headquarters Element

channel iconMilitary Police Corps

channel iconUNSC Unified Ground Command

channel icon[OOC] DI Offices

channel iconUNSC Naval Command

channel iconThe Office of Naval Intelligence O.N.I.

channel iconSpartan Operations

channel icon1st Platoon Easy Company (ODST)

channel iconProject Freelancer

channel iconSwords of Sanghelios

channel icon[OOC] Supreme CMDR Gap Tapper's Office

channel iconNew Colonial Alliance

channel iconNCA Overseers

channel iconNCA Regiments


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