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Server description

Welcome to RedSky RP!

This server is still in its alpha stage, but has plenty of content for you to go through and if you bring your friends, tons of serious roleplay.

Here at RedSky RP we STRIVE to increase the standard of roleplay from all aspects possible. We believe in quality realistic acting for riveting slow burn stories that can go anywhere. We expect from all players to of course know the rules and follow them, but to remember ROLEPLAY over RULEPLAY. If you get staff permission, consent from participating parties, you can create simply astounding stories.

The RedSky RP server is made on a fully custom framework made by DGZYT originally for FiveM but converted to RedM. The server was founded by DGZYT and FlamesYue in hopes of providing a fun, safe, and serious place to RP. A place where even the owners themselves could easily be banned for causing problems, no favoritism, no discrimination.

We won't tell you RedSky has EVERY bell and whistle you are looking for, but what we can promise, is that we are constantly developing and adding more to the server. We get ideas and even if they seem impossible we go for it until we know for sure it can't be done, we will constantly provide player support whenever possible and even rely on YOU the player to identify bugs and issues for us to fix while we continue to make new and exciting features for the server.

With that we are asking YOU to come help shape the future of RedSky RP and be a part of its history AND future as we head into more development time and the server continues to improve. We hope you will consider applying and joining and even inviting your friends along for the ride.

We look forward to seeing you in server, YEE HAW!

RedSky RP Motto: Be who YOU want to be both in and out of character

Sincerely, RedSky RP Staff



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