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CosmicHub - Our mission is to let everyone know that US fell of. EU ping W.







No. 1396
Top 10 players
# Nickname Online time
1 NhanAZ 26 days 04:42:55
2 BaRaN6161TURK 25 days 13:22:56
3 PrintClaw240014 25 days 09:42:41
4 Killerboss2411 12 days 20:42:13
5 FootballMiner4 12 days 20:32:10
6 Ruan01098 11 days 10:42:19
7 DesertedRacer35 09 days 23:41:41
8 SlateThrower872 09 days 23:41:41
9 Wilder5256131 09 days 18:11:51
10 Justgoody05 07 days 17:02:08


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Server description

CosmicPE is a space-age Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Factions server that has lived amongst the stars for the past 5-6 years. We offer a unique and comprehensive factions experience with a multitude of custom features including custom enchants, bosses, advanced redstone, events, special bonus sets and much more! To all the committed faction players and clans out there that crave a sense of accomplishment and thrill of adventure, the Cosmoverse can be your home. Your new adventure starts here!



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